Garage Finishings & Conversions

Garage conversions are a common and affordable way to expand the usable living space of your home. Xtreme Remodeling provides full service general contracting services for all aspects of your garage conversion. Our project managers will provide design consulting services, layout assistance, and carefully supervise the skilled crews of professional craftsmen to assure your needs are met. All while the jobs are being completed to the highest possible level of quality. A garage conversion will typically add about 400 square feet of usable living space to your home. Xtreme Remodeling is a general contractor that specializes in garage conversions. The most commonly requested remodel is the conversion of a garage into a living room or the combination of a garage into an existing living area to form a great room.  This is a very flexible conversion of space and provides many opportunities to customize and tailor the space to your specific lifestyle needs.

Framing the floor is a crucial step performed in a garage conversion.  The cold concrete slab is not suitable for a direct floor.  A raised floor to add air circulation, or allow for insulation is commonly required by local building codes and we strongly recommend it.  A plywood underlayment is attached to the framing with the use of screws to prevent movement or noise to develop over time. This framing can also be used to level the floors in your garage. A garage conversion can also help with growing families.  The conversion of your garage into one or possibly two new separate bedrooms is a popular solution for large families. The typical garage remodeling  process includes framing and finishing the old garage door area, the addition of new windows, insulation, drywall, framing over the old concrete floor, and the installation of electrical fixtures and lighting.  The addition of partition walls, doors, and closet areas are some of the features that are specific to bedroom conversions.Whatever your garage remodeling needs, Xtreme Remodeling can handle them. Xtreme Remodeling is a full service general contractor of choice in the bay area.  We provide the highest quality, fastest service, and most affordable prices for garage conversion, or any other types of remodeling services.