Xtreme Remodeling has years of industry experience in designing, installing and maintaining award-winning irrigation systems.

We believe our experience with plants and turf will make a difference. Our staff Horticulturist and Design Team will ensure that your plants get the right amount of water, no more, no less.

Designing a System: Experienced landscape professionals will tailor your irrigation system to meet the needs of your lawn and garden. Soil type, light exposure and plants are all evaluated before a final irrigation plan is developed.

System Evaluation: If you already have an irrigation system, then let Xtreme Remodeling make sure it is operating at its best. We can assure your investment will continue working at its best for years come.

Installation of your System: One company does it all. No installation delays, extra coordination or additional communications between multiple companies. Our dedicated installation crew will get your system up and running quickly and effectively.

Annual Maintenance: Make your investment last with our Lawn Sprinkler Service Agreement. A technician will visit your site throughout the year to open and close your system, monitor moisture levels and provide routine services and adjustments.
You will have peace of mind knowing that our experienced staff can design, build and maintain your entire landscape. Xtreme Remodeling can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood with dense, green grass and lush, healthy plants.