Xtreme Remodeling can enhance the natural beauty of any property. Most of our stonework, as well as patio work is constructed "dry" in order to enhance the natural feel and look of the project. (Meaning with out mortar or cement.) Patios, Walkways and Walls are constructed with engineered foundations, suitable for Texas climate to assure that they will be enjoyed for many generations. Our years of experience allow us to offer a broad palette of natural stone materials with consideration given to color, texture, function & overall design. Other amenities such as hot tubs & outdoor fireplaces can add multi-seasonal use & charm to your backyard environment. Decks & Patios should be designed as outdoor rooms allowing for activities such as grilling, entertaining & sunbathing. Traffic flow onto, through & off the deck as well as furniture placement are often overlooked by pre-packaged deck promotions, but not by our design team! Obviously fencing can provide screening, privacy & security, but it can also be used to create intimate spaces & backdrops for colorful plants or to tie together unrelated spaces in your yard!